Royal BNB Community

🔁 Royal BNB Community Swap

Connect the different ecosystem of crypto
👑Royal BNB Community Swap will be a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator that optimizes swaps for users through better prices, limited gas fees, and lower slippage. Royal BNB Community Swap sources their liquidity from major Taxes such as PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, Khyber, JustSwap besides Royal BNB Community Swap, their professional Market Maker network.
✔Royal BNB Community Swap is charging a minimal small fee to use and users can interact with it directly on the Royal BNB Community Swap interface or through a wallet such as Metamask. Fee earn by Royal BNB Community Swap will be used for marketing and buyback of Royal BNB Community Token. In order to stay focused on our core technical challenges, Royal BNB Community Swap will use Infura for our infrastructure needs. Using Infura APIs and Archive Node data, Royal BNB Community Swap can source on-chain prices (the most vital part of their system), query user balances, and track the state of user transactions.
The planned Royal BNB Community decentralized exchange will allow traders to swap their BEP-20 tokens for another while maintaining full custody of their BEP-20 tokens. Trading BEP-20 tokens privately on onion sites will be possible thanks to including a non-JavaScript version of the decentralized exchange, which will be accessible only through the Tor Browser and will be devoid of JavaScript. This will be an optional feature for individuals who choose to use the Tor browser with no JavaScript enabled.

Utility tokens offer the right to a service or product

A utility token has a wider functionality than a coin. Utility tokens do have value, but they cannot be considered money as straightforward as a coin. Utility tokens can provide value to investors in different ways. They give users access to a future product or service.