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🌊 Liquidity

A liquidity pool is a kind of storage in which market participants put their assets together to provide a very large reserve of liquidity for everyone who wants to exchange this asset but interact directly with a person without an intermediary.
A decentralized smart contract works inside the pool, which blocks and accumulates assets added there. This asset lock is made to ensure trading activity (trading) and is intensively used by decentralized exchange exchanges (DEX). After all, there are few people trading on DEX. Tokens that are traded by people are also few. It is necessary to ensure supply and demand! How? To make a community, simply put. And get an asset out of it or report to it at the same time.
So, trading these low-popular assets becomes more attractive. The role of the sexes is to reduce the difference in supply and demand between market participants and match people's buy and sell orders between each other.